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Littleton IRS Lawyer

Anyone who’s ever faced a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has undergone the dread and stress of financial instability.

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And if you haven’t, you may avoid all these unnecessary complications by getting an experienced Littleton, NC IRS lawyer to guide you through your tax issues.

At Defense Tax Partners, we have a team of expert IRS lawyers to help you through any tax concerns and problems you have.

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Need Tax Help?

Whether it’s representing you in court or filing your taxes, our Littleton IRS lawyers at Defense Tax Partners will ensure that you get the best possible outcome with issues like:

Non-Filing of Taxes

florida tax attorneyThe IRS imposes hefty fines on taxpayers who don’t file their tax returns properly or fail to do so entirely. It charges a failure-to-file penalty where you end up paying 5% to 25% of your unpaid taxes each month your returns are missing. And failure to file your taxes also results in missed tax credits or deductions because the IRS will calculate your tax liability for you.

Unpaid Taxes

And even if you do file your tax returns, sometimes you don’t pay the amount due. Taxpayers who don’t make the payments are charged with the same penalty of 5% to 25% each month.

Unsettled Tax Debts

For unsettled tax debts, there is a possibility the IRS will seize your property for your unpaid debts as a federal tax lien. With the help of a skilled Littleton IRS lawyer, you can handle these situations with the least complications so that upon debt settlement, you get your property back.

At Defense Tax Partners, our team of Littleton IRS lawyers offers first-rate legal services and advice for any tax situation and complications that you face.

How Our IRS Lawyers Can Assist You

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Defense Tax Partners has years of experience in handling tax issues and IRS difficulties so we can guide you throughout the whole process of solving your tax problems. With our Littleton IRS lawyers’ expertise in both federal and state laws, you can be sure to arrive at the best possible solution. Defense Tax Partners doesn’t see its clients as customers but as partners; we’re dedicated to helping you through your tax concerns with as little stress as possible.

We are prepared to offer legal advice, assistance, and representation on any tax issues including:

  1. Audit Representation
  2. Wage Garnishment Removal
  3. Tax Lien Removal
  4. Tax Resolution
  5. Penalty Abatement
  6. Tax Preparation
  7. Bank Levy Removal
  8. Innocent Spouse
  9. Offer in Compromise
  10. Passport Reinstatement

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Before anything else, we offer a free initial consultation so you can ensure we’re qualified to address your concerns. The initial consultation allows us to discover the details of your case and offer the best legal advice concerning it.

With Defense Tax Partners, you can rest soundly knowing that you’ve chosen experienced professionals to handle your tax issues and concerns.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (704) 610-2813 for your Free Consultation with a Littleton IRS Lawyer!