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North Carolina Tax Levy Attorney

A “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” from the IRS means you may expect a rough time when it comes to your finances and the legalities surrounding them.

tax settlement and tax levyAnd yes, you’ll probably end up dreading the day you’ll need to face it with the IRS, but having a skilled North Carolina tax levy lawyer can help you get through your complicated situation.

At Defense Tax Partners, our team of expert tax levy lawyers is fluent in tax legalities and ready to help so you can get the best possible outcome for your case. We will work to get you through the process and possibly even stop the IRS from executing the tax levy altogether.

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What is a Tax Levy?

A tax levy happens when the government seizes your property as a form of payment for the taxes you owe. This may seem unfair but it is completely legal and usually results from the mismanagement of tax payments. To deal with these types of situations, you will need the guidance of a skilled legal expert.

At Defense Tax Partners, the North Carolina tax levy lawyers are experienced in this field and offer professional services to avoid difficulties with the IRS including:

Bank Levies

A bank levy is one way the IRS can impose its authority on you to pay your overdue taxes. A bank levy happens when the IRS freezes your account for 21 days as collateral. Without any way to withdraw money from that account, you will be forced to pay up. And if you don’t or if no compromise is reached between you and the IRS, they will use the money in your account as payment for your taxes.

Property Seizure

Your property can be seized by the IRS and it would still be legal under a tax levy. Property could include your residential home, land you own, or even your automobile. The IRS then sells the seized property to pay for the taxes you owe.

Reduced Tax Refunds

Your tax refunds whether from the state or your local municipality can be used by the IRS to pay your taxes.

Wage Garnishment

florida tax attorneyThe IRS can also instruct your current employer to reduce a set amount from your monthly salary until your debt is paid off. And if you don’t have a regular wage because you are an independent contractor or business owner, expect harsher penalties for wage garnishment that can go as far as taking all of your earnings.

All of these may be avoided with help from a North Carolina tax levy lawyer at Defense Tax Partners. We’re sure we can help you deal with your tax situation.

Preventing a Tax Levy

The best solution to a tax levy is prevention. But tax levies are the last resort by the IRS and even if you do receive a notice for a tax levy, all is not lost. You can still find ways to work around it.

irs attorney

But if you don’t want all of these complications, it’s best to settle your debts with the IRS early on. Difficulties arise when you fail to pay your taxes in full but full payment is not always an option. So, the best way to go about any tax levy case is to compromise on a payment plan with the IRS. Depending on factors like how you can pay and your income, just to name a few, you can strike a deal with the IRS. That’s why it’s vital you have a skilled and experienced North Carolina tax levy lawyer to guide and represent you through the process.

Your North Carolina tax levy lawyer from Defense Tax Partners can also negotiate with the IRS for a forgiveness payment where you pay less than the full amount of debt.

Professional Legal Representation

If you choose Defense Tax Partners, you’ll be sure to receive top-notch legal services for your tax levy case. Our team of skilled professionals has years of experience in the legalities of:

  1. Tax Resolution
  2. Offer in Compromise
  3. Wage Garnishment Removal
  4. Penalty Abatement
  5. Bank Levy Removal
  6. Innocent Spouse
  7. Audit Representation
  8. Passport Reinstatement
  9. Tax Preparation
  10. Tax Lien Removal

With us at Defense Tax Partners, you can be at ease knowing your tax case is in good hands.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation so you can determine if we’re the right match for your tax situation.

Defense Tax Partners logoHere we aim to show you that we can handle your case and will do the best job at it. Defense Tax Partners will do whatever it takes within our legal capabilities and resources to help you with your financial situation.

At Defense Tax Partners, we have the North Carolina tax levy lawyer that’s fully dedicated to resolving your case.

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